Times Herald-Recorder: “Creating a family”

Another example of how we frame discussions of transracial adoption in the media.

Creating a family

Local parents are embracing children from other countries and of different races. By

When Diane Kirk was shopping with her little son, Jason, they caught the eye of a shopper in Wal-Mart. The woman asked Diane a question about her son that broke her heart:

"Is he Asian or just retarded?"

This was not the first time Diane and her husband, Jim, have fielded questions such as this. Jason, 2, is Korean. Diane and Jim are Caucasian. They adopted Jason when he was 6 months old. The woman thought Jason may have Down syndrome.

WHILE MADONNA HAS CAPTURED world headlines with her transracial adoption of a baby from the nation of Malawi in Africa, many couples in the mid-Hudson have quietly opened their hearts to children by adopting internationally and transracially.

Some couples encounter ignorance and other difficulties when they adopt children, either abroad or in the United States. However, the strong desire to enlarge their families by adopting is what compels couples to travel any distance, endure any heartache and spend any amount of money.