MPR: “White Earth Nation welcomes adoptees home”

My friend and fellow TRA Sandy Whitehawk was featured on MPR this morning. I was pleased with the reporting on this piece. You can hear the report here.

by Dan Gunderson, Minnesota Public Radio
October 5, 2007
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Sandy Whitehawk spent years trying to reconnect with her American Indian culture after being adopted by a non-Indian family. (Photo courtesy of Sandy Whitehawk)

This weekend the White Earth Nation is celebrating the return of children lost for years. Hundreds of American Indian children were taken from Minnesota reservations and adopted by non-Indian families in the 1950s and 60s. The White Earth Aniishinabe are the first tribe in the country to formally welcome the adoptees home.

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Slate: “African family adopts Britney’s kids.”

African family adopts Britney’s kids

Britney's children. Click image to expand.Britney Spears with her two sons

LOS ANGELES—A Malawi couple has completed adoption paperwork for Sean Preston Federline, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1, after their mother, Britney Spears, lost custody of the children Monday.

It was Ms. Spears’ inability to provide car seats that initially brought the plight of her children to the attention of the Malawi couple, who wish to remain anonymous, and who will be referred to here as Mr. and Mrs. M. But it was the widely circulated photograph of Ms. Spears’ vagina that really drew their concern. "In our country, a good mother does not show her business to the press," Mrs. M said. "It is very bad luck." After Spears’ "performance" at MTV’s Video Music Awards, the adoptive couple knew they had to do something. "We could not allow innocent children to live under such horrific conditions anymore," they explained. "The Third World can no longer turn a blind eye to the tragedy affecting so many U.S. celebrity children."