As someone else pointed out, this would mean the adoptee would be "parenting" her half siblings and her mother would be "parenting" her grandchildren. And the adoptee would be living with her "stepfather."

Anything for ratings.

ABC’s Wife Swap Seeks To Reunite Female Adoptees with Birth Mother

Wife Swap is currently working on a special episode which will feature
an adoption reunion. We are looking for a female adoptee who wants to
be reunited with her birth mother. We will conduct a search on her
behalf and, if possible, contact her birth mother. This would NOT be a
surprise reunion. This would need to be consensual meaning BOTH the
adoptee and birth mother would need to agree to meet the other person
on our show. This will be a traditional episode of "Wife Swap" in that
the adoptee will switch lives with her biological mother for one week.
We are looking for families who consist of two parents with at least
one child living in the home full time. Families who are chosen to
participate on the show will receive a $20,000 honorarium. Interested
adoptees can reach me ASAP at 646-747-7945 email me at molly.sebastian@ rdfnewyork. com.

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