Surrogate baby stuck in legal limbo

Baby Manjhi, a surrogate child, has been stuck in legal limbo. Her adoptive parents divorced before her birth.

 Surrogate baby stuck in legal limbo

JAIPUR, India (CNN) — Baby Manjhi has no nationality, no
legal mother and no clear path home from India to Japan to a father and
grandmother who desperately want her.

"From deep inside my heart, I want to return immediately to my own
country with my grandchild," said Emiko Yamada, the girl’s grandmother.

At just two weeks old, Manjhi Yamada is stuck in legal limbo — the
offspring of commercial surrogacy and a divorce before she was even

Everything about this story alarms me, like this quote:

"Cheap mothers are available here. There is so much poverty. …
It’s employment for them," says Dr. Sadhana Arya with India’s Arya
Hospital. "You have treated the surrogate mother like an object, used her as a factory, produced something, given money for it." But, she says, the final product "is a live child."