Crossing Chasms


I just got back from a viewing of the documentary Crossing Chasms by Jennifer Ahrndt. I took my mentee to this movie + discussion at Children’s Home Society and Family Services, where I mentor as part of the M&M program.

Jennifer was one of the early Korean American adoptees to share her
story through the medium of film. Her documentary is very important
because it is among the first narratives that received wide attention,
and it definitely furthered our community’s voice in the world of

Very often, people forget that we adoptees grow up and have to
navigate our multiple spaces of identity and community. In many minds
(and as a parent, I’m definitely guilty of this as well), we think of
our kids as, well, kids.

Jennifer is very active in promoting discussion forums after her
movie viewings, and I’m always amazed that in every gathering of adult
adoptees, there is at least one who says, "I never knew these things
[other adoptees, movies, books, groups, culture camps, insert noun of
choice here] existed." Thanks to Jennifer and others like her, we are
getting our messages out there.

Here is Jennifer’s story on American Radio Works web site

Please support her work as an artist and filmmaker, and purchase her movie.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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