This is all we get?

Wendy_wuHere’s the thing: I’m all about having Asian Americans represented
in mainstream entertainment, provided they’re not just lame,
stereotyped, one-dimensional misrepresentations. My kids told me today
about the new Disney Channel movie, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.

"That sounds like a stereotype" I said.
"Yee-aah" was Lucie’s reply.

I went to the web site.

First, there’s the incredibly chinky music. Then, actress Brenda Song does some kickin’ martial arts animation.

Here’s what the promo says:

Wendy Wu is a popular teen whose goal is to be homecoming queen. But her life takes a dramatic turn when she finds out she’s a reincarnated Chinese warrior
and is needed to save the world! Undercover Buddist Monk Shen (played
by Shin Koyamada) has important business with Wendy – she doesn’t know
it, but it is her destiny to battle the evil Yan Lo. Shen must train
Wendy so she will be able to defeat Yan Lo and keep the world safe for
another 90 years.

But Wendy is too busy for that nonsense – she’s trying to make sure she beats Jessica Dawson and is elected this year’s Homecoming Queen! Find out if Wendy defeats Yan Lo, watch the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior !

It seems to me, Disney went through their archives of tired, old,
stereotyped plot lines and decided this was one to offend both Asians
and girls. I mean, really – Wendy is too busy to save the world because
she wants to be Homecoming Queen?!?

I want to say something witty and sarcastic and make some important commentary on how this is so not the kind of image I want my kids to see. But I’m just too.darn.tired to take this one on.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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