MTV-K piece on Asian American Adoptees

Courtesy of The Hyphenator, I found this piece on Asian American Adoptees Speak Out on MTV-K. Seems like they’re just jumpin’ on the Toby Dawson hype.

As The Hyphenator correctly pointed out, they got some facts wrong,
saying that the first wave of adoptions out of Korea began in the 80s.
Uh, hello, they started in the 1950s. That should have been an easy
fact to find. For the intern working on this story, hint for next time:
try Google.

Of course, this piece was chock full of "adoption-friendly"
language. Nice choice, too, to have non-adopted Korean host Su Chin
Park, waxing poetic about how "international adoption is a healthy way to build a family."

*Edit: So, I just have to wonder why they had to include the
"healthy way to build a family" part. My question is: Who are they
trying to convince/placate? Or does this attempt to bring "awareness"
make some higher-ups nervous about looking like they don’t support
international adoption?

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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