Expendable adoptive children

Ethical issues are a dilemma in adoption. On the one hand, in some adoptive families the adopted child reigns supreme and everything pivots around the adoption (as one blogger mentioned, imagine being defined by one event for your whole life);

on the other hand, some, like the family in this news piece, consider the adopted child the perpetual outsider in the family.

FATE OF LITTLE BOY: OUR OWN KIDS COME FIRST: Abandoned at birth, he’s passed around in Indon village. Adopted by S’pore parents, he’s now passed on to friend

By Dawn Chia
August 07, 2006

THIS little boy was abandoned at birth. Ben (not his real name) was being passed around from one household to another in a small rural village in Indonesia.

The baby was all skin and bones.

The villagers looked in vain for someone who would permanently care for the infant.

Then a Singapore couple heard about the child’s plight. Friends they made on their work trips to Indonesia told them about the baby no one seemed to want.

The couple, Mike and his wife, flew to Indonesia twice in 2001 to see the boy. He was just 3 months old then.

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Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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