Colorlines: “A Mother Adopts, and Discovers Her Own Racism”

I haven’t been posting full articles on this blog, reserving the space at the Adoption Gazette instead, but I found this article especially fascinating. If you click on the headline, you will also see there are several comments and discussion threads spawned by this article.

Whether you agree with the comments or not, I think that this essay shows how much race still matters.

A Mother Adopts, and Discovers Her Own Racism By Lisa Lerner, ColorLines

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. This woman would have to be blind not to notice her daughter’s skin color some of the time.
    And why would she have thought about sunblock on a dark skinned baby–until she had a dark skinned baby.
    Of course, adoption is a learning experience. How harsh–and nonproductive–to call this mom’s new experiences “racist.”
    Not sure how that helps her raise her little kid.
    We cannot wish that adoptee back in an Indian orphanage unless WE”D rather have been raised in an orphanage (as opposed to a loving home.)
    I’d prefer a loving home, myself, so that’s what I prefer for that child.
    It is racist to wish that child back in her own country, simply because she’d match the people around her. “She’s brown, so she belongs with the brown people.” THAT is pretty racist.

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