Famous adoptees

A partial list

Andy Berlin – entrepreneur: chairman of Berlin Cameron & Partners
Amy Pietz – actor
Andrew Horace Burke – politician (orphan train)
Anthony Williams – politician
Aristotle – philosopher
Art Linkletter – comedian
Bo Diddley – musician, performer
Bobby Darrin – singer, actor
Buffy Sainte-Marie – musician, actress
Caesar Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor
Carl-Theodor Dreyer – Danish film director
Charlotte Anne Lopez – Miss Teen USA
Christina Crawford – author
Clarissa Pinkola Estes – author
Crazy Horse – Lakota war chief
Dame Kiri TeKanawa – soprano
Dan O’Brien – decathlete
Dana Plato – actor
Daunte Culpepper – football player
Dave Thomas – entrepreneur: founder of Wendy’s
Debbie Harry – singer
D.M.C. – hip hop artist
Eartha Kitt – actor, singer
Edgar Allan Poe – poet, writer
Edward Albee – playwright
Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady
Eric Dickerson – athlete
Faith Daniels – news anchor
Faith Hill – country singer
Freddie Bartholomew – actor
George Scott – Olympic athlete
George Washington Carver – inventor
Greg Louganis – athlete
Hugh O’Brien – actor
Ingrid Bergman – Actress (guardianship)
James MacArthur – actor
James Michener – author
Jean Jacques Rousseau – philosopher
Jesse Jackson – minister
Jett Williams – country singer and author
Jim Palmer – athlete
John Green Brady – politician (orphan train)
John J. Audubon – naturalist
John Hancock – politician
John Lennon – musician
Langston Hughes – poet and writer
Larry Ellison – entrepreneur: chief executive of Oracle
Lee Majors – actor
Leo Tolstoy – writer (guardianship)
Les Brown – motivational speaker
Li Peng – Chinese Prime Minister
Liz Phair – musician
Lynnette Cole – Miss USA 2000
Malcolm X – civil rights leader
Marcus Samuelsson – chef
Mark Acre – athlete
Matthew Laborteaux – actor
Melissa Gilbert – actress
Michael Bay, Film director
Michael Reagan – author, talk show host
Mike Tyson – athlete (guardianship)
Moses – Biblical leader
Nancy Reagan – First Lady
Nat King Cole – singer
Nelson Mandela – politician
Patrick Labyorteaux – actor
Peter and Kitty Carruthers – figure skaters
Peter Schulman – artist
President Gerald Ford – politician
President William Clinton – politician
Priscilla Presley – actress
Ray Liotta – actor
Reno – performance artist, comedian
Rita Mae Brown – author
Sarah McLachlan – singer
Scott Hamilton – figure skater
Sean Moran – athlete
Sen. Paull H. Shin – politician
Sen. Robert Byrd – politician
Steve Jobs – entrepreneur: co-founder of Apple computer
Surya Bonaly – figure skater
Tim Green – football player/commentator
Tim McGraw – country singer
Tom Monaghan – entrepreneur
Tommy Davidson – comedian
Victoria Rowell – actress

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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