Orphanage Report #3

Date: 12/8/1970

Case Number:  #7139

Location: Ilsan Orphanage. Lives with 16 children from 1-4 years.

General Health: She looks healthy being free from all illnesses.

Developmental report: Can say “mommy,” “sister,” and nowadays she jabber a lot to herself when she is in good humore. Normally can she see and hear. Walks and handles normally. Her staple food is rice, but sometimes other kinds of foods are offered to her, all which she enjoys without being choosy.

Social relationships: All by herself she can feed herself
without any help from her bomo [caregiver]. Plays well with told and recognizes what is scold and liking through her bomo’s face. Does not follow own bomo very much but if bomo calls her to come she obey. Gets smile not so often and she only looks up at people who are new ones to her, feelinglessly. Seldom gets smile as she is so spiritless, though sometimes when in good humore she plays well with other children.

Summary and recommendation: Jae Ran aged 2 years is doing
well but needs a lot more affections for her dark mood. Her such condition would be better if she be adopted.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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