Last but not least

My reading for the OW book launch.

It’s long . . . I didn’t realize how long winded I was! For my readers I haven’t met yet, well – now you’ll see the person and hear the voice. I’m feeling a little *nekkid* in posting this. . .

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

6 thoughts

  1. Well, well written and well read as well. Thank you for posting, it was brave, nekkid as you felt. I particularly liked your juxtaposition of being unable to look back at the birth mother’s home — leaving it behind — with the baby who caught up with you in the airplane — you cannot leave it behind.

  2. What a beautifully expressive piece. The image of transplanting white lilies from the orphanage in Korea to Minnesota “without other native plants to surround them” is so compelling.
    I am more impatient than ever to open a certain present under my Christmas tree just so I can read it for myself…

  3. Personally, I’m of the opinion Jae Ran needs to do even more readings in public of her other creative material. It grows by leaps and bounds with each year. Hopefully more opportunities will come up in the coming years ahead.

  4. Ah, unfortunately, DS-L, that part was edited out of the final piece! So I’m glad then, that I included it back in for the reading.
    Thanks everyone. Bryan, it gets easier each time. At least this time my knees weren’t a-knockin’!

  5. I too found the analogy of the white lilies very profound. You did a beautiful job! You were warm and graceful and even though you were afraid you certainly didn’t come across that way. Fantastic!

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