Elton John – adoptive father???

According to one source, Elton John almost adopted an african child.

Contactmusic.com reports:

Sir Elton John
came close to adopting a child during a visit to Africa after forming a
bond with a young boy he met there. The rocker was on a charity trip
with partner DAVID FURNISH. The pair ended up sponsoring the kid and
five other needy children – after deciding it was better to help them
grow up in their natural environments. Furnish reveals, "On a trip to
Africa there was a little boy we met who Elton felt he had a special
connection with and we looked into adoption. But this child had a
family, so we decided it was better if we supported them from here."


Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

3 thoughts

  1. “But this child had a family, so we decided it was better if we supported them from here.”
    How noble of them, to “allow” this child to stay with their family. I’m sure this didn’t come out the way they really meant it but damn that sounds pretty sanctimonious. (sp?)

  2. But isn’t this what peple were saying was needed: support for children and families to continue living in their environment. At least he had the guts to say what they had thought and why they changed their minds. Too bad it didn’t get the same air play as Madonna’s actions — it’s time celebrities put their money and their status to use in helping the community of origin. Pink

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