Towers: “Adoption is a picture of the Gospel, Stinson and Moore say”

This article pushes almost every button I have.

Adoption is a picture of the Gospel, Stinson and Moore say

The last sentence is the embodiment of why I wrote the chapter "Scattered Seeds" in the Outsiders Within anthology.

"The girls we adopted were in a situation of worshipping their ancestors," he said. "We rescued them out of that life, out of life with no parents, and brought them into a Christian home."

"The girls we adopted were in a situation of worshipping their ancestors," he said. "We rescued them out of that life, out of life with no parents, and brought them into a Christian home."

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. That is quite possibly one of the most offensive things I’ve read in a long time. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until that last paragraph. . . then, wow. I’m nearly speachless. It really beats you over the head demonstrating the attitude of cultural supremecy and entitlement. It also reeks of a sense of self-importance: look at me, what a good little Christian I am, what a wonderful sacrifice I’m making for God! *That* just burns me, and demonstrates how much about the adoptive parents adoption can be.
    Going to bleach my eyes now.

  2. Yeah the church has a long way to go on being educated on adoption issues. I find myself having a great faith, yet see it twisted around so much to suit the needs of others. When I think of the bible’s stance on adoption, i think of Moses, Joseph, and of course the virgin Mary. Then theres King Solomon ruling over a dispute between two mothers and a baby. I think the bible speaks volumes about adoption. It just isnt the message adoption consumers want to hear.

  3. Good grief. I hate the sentiment expressed by so many that I am my son’s saviour because I adopted him. People like those in the article above just make me cringe.
    I think that choosing to become a parent is a selfish pursuit, and my husband and I always attempt to make that clear to anyone who thinks we “swooped in and saved Adam from a life of poverty, lack of family, etc.”

  4. Nothing like cutting a human being off from then dissing their ancestoprs to create a lifetime of alienation.
    The whole psycho thing about God’s name being invoked is that anything and everything is acceptable.
    Adoption agencies and foundations are allowed to openly discriminate against non-Christian applicants. As white Jews we squeaked through but if we were Muslim: fuhgeddaboudit.
    I know of a Muslim AP candidate who has been stonewalled and lied to nonstop for two years now. They are clearly hoping she will lose enough time to give up or age out. But her nonrefundable application money is good with them!
    Underneath it all, these people think they are the Christian God. And that is some scary shit.

  5. Once again, adoption portrayed as a vehicle “for the parents” with little or no regard for the child. I can’t count the number of books I’ve picked up to read written by adoptive parents. Haven’t found a decent one yet. In fact, most of them I just throw down in disgust as I read about how “all knowing” adoptive parents are who have only experienced the first few years of adoption. Wait till they get to go through the next couple of decades and then write the freakin book after they’ve experienced the rebellious teenage years, the desire of reunion and all of the other hellish issues adoptees get to go through. If one really wants to practice “religion” as it is written in James, go work your butts off in an orphanage in a foreign land where orphans have little or no chance of ever having a family. Spill your blood sweat and tears with the “unwanted” and then understand the real meaning of “religion”.

  6. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Seriously, these people need to be banished from earth forever. Why anyone would actually believe them is beyond me. I absolutely feel sick about their asinine comments.

  7. Adopt a child get a free pass into heaven! I am surprised that one of the agencies hasn’t used this as their slogan.UGH! This kind of stuff just makes me ill.

  8. The last paragraph really ticked me off. The rest was bad, but the last part makes my heart break for those girls. Like they will be able to express any feelings they may have about their heritage. So sad….

  9. God doesn’t tell us to care for widows by marrying them so that they have a companion, so who is to say that THE way to help orphans according to God’s Word is to simply adopt them? My husband-to-be and I are very devout Christians, and it is really hard to see people simply take His Word into their owns hands and so authoritatively interpret it. Of course, there is the possibility that that is how God truly wants it–I am not God, so I cannot say for certain whether this man is right or wrong. However, there are so many more components to faith which seem to be completely overlooked by Stinson here that leave me finding it difficult to accept any of this. We are all a part of the same body of Christ, but we all serve different functions. Maybe some people are called to adopt–great. Some people may be called to support orphanages financially–fabulous. Some people may be called to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with any of this–wonderful. Our duties, while under one subject–following Christ–break off into so many sub-topics that it can hardly be so boldly spoken of as such a black-and-white issue.
    Also, I think I might give him a little more credit if it weren’t for him sounding like he was trying to justify his own position as an adoptive parent.
    I guess as someone who isn’t adopted and has no plans to adopt (which is saying nothing regarding my stance on adoption), I have a hard time chewing the line where he mentions that wanting a child so badly is an act of idolatry, a person wanting themself. I’m not asking for a mini-me here. Goodness.
    Anyway, I just wanted to post here for a couple of different purposes, one being that this article definitely is not representative of all Christians out there; two being that I’m in the class that has been assigned your journal for reading, and I wanted to say hi and thanks for the post back in January!

  10. Hmmm. I am a Christian, too, and so much of this just seems off kilter to me. Seems to be another case of twisting scripture for ones own purposes. This prompts me to do some more indepth study, myself, to iron out just what is wrong with what this guy says (biblically speaking). Along with MK, I want to say that this guy is not speaking for me.

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