Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

6 thoughts

  1. Ya know, I come from a large family and my brothers and
    sisters have always wondered
    just how my parents could have
    possibly given us the attention that we really needed. And while I truly love
    my parents and my sibs, I don’t think they were able to
    meet our needs totally. And,
    I just can’t imagine trying
    to parent that many children with the extra
    layer of loss, the extra
    layer of race.

  2. If this isnt a blatant display of modernized slavery i dont know what is. celebrities adopting children like pets. it kind of reminds me of people going to the humane society and “saving an animal”. YECK!

  3. While I certainly understand that many take issue with these celebrity adoptions, I don’t quite see why anyone would think that they see these children as “souvenirs” or “pets.”
    Seems to me the souvenir-pet-ization is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. I just dont see the benefit of handpicking different races of children from all over the world–its a freaking personal motivation. If its not to make herself look “good” in the public sphere (I mean, cmon, she’s such a humanitarian…going to these “third world” countries and taking pictures with orphans, making foundations that don’t even add up to 1/8 of what she makes in ONE film) it’s about patting herself on the back b/c she has such a staunch commitment to diversity and “color blind-ness”.
    I don’t see how this flawed mindset helps anyone but herself.

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