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What I’ve been thinking about this past week:

CNN"US Troops used comfort women after WWII"

"Japan’s abhorrent practice of enslaving women to provide sex for its troops in World War II has a little-known sequel: After its surrender — with tacit approval from the U.S. occupation authorities — Japan set up a similar "comfort women" system for American GIs."

Adoption as proselytization – "Evangelicals start adoption push"

Focus on the Family president Jim Daly
wrote supporters that he hopes the orphan-care effort "will not only
equip God‘s people to help meet the physical needs of orphans
worldwide, but will ultimately introduce them to the eternal hope that
is found in Jesus Christ."

WSOC-TV – "Birthmothers Plead For Change To N.C. Adoption Records Law"

Mothers who gave their children up for adoption decades ago urged
members of a House committee Tuesday to eliminate a nearly 60-year-old
law that prevents adult adoptees from learning about their biological

"Things have changed," said Delores Mitchell, who gave
up her daughter for adoption in 1965 and met her 30 years later, no
thanks to the current law. "Secrets are no longer a way of life.
Finding out about our ancestors is a vital part of who we are."

MPR Midmorning Show – "Family Secrets – The Mistresses Daughter – Interview with A.M. Homes"

A new memoir explores the fault lines of adoption that emerged when a
woman sought out the daughter she gave away. Novelist A.M. Homes has
surprising observations on finding the "other" family and on memoirs in

The ultimate in pampered kids and busy affluent parents – their own grocery store, Kidfresh

"Kidfresh is at the same time a healthy and fun food store for children,
a unique line of freshly prepared kids meals to-go, and a new lifestyle
brand slated to become deeply coveted by moms, dads and children alike."

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. Regarding the story about Evangelicals and adoption, I wonder if this will satisfy those who are always taunting pro-lifers with “you don’t care about babies after they’re born” and “how many babies have you adopted lately?”.

  2. Thank you for unpacking this in a way I have yet to be so articulate about. I hope it is an opening for a lot more conversations and discourse about how to overcome and/or override the fear that impedes awareness and skill in adoptive parenting.

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