Adoption posters popping up around Metro

I have to say, adoptive parents are getting so much more creative these days. Ugh, and this couple lives in my state too. Thanks to VietK for bringing this to my attention.

"Adoption Posters" Popping Up Around Metro

classifieds to television ads, you can find an advertisement for just
about anything. But one metro advertisement is stopping traffic.

You may have already seen these signs. They read, "We will adopt." That’s followed by a website,

We wanted to know who’s behind these signs and what they’re looking to adopt. So we logged on to the website. It seems the Halverson family of Bemidji, Minnesota is looking to adopt a baby.

We found three of their signs. Two are located on University and 7th in Des Moines. A third is along EP True Parkway in West Des Moines.

The website includes a description of the family’s home, what they like to do, and it lists the social worker and agency they work with. Still adoption experts say this is an unusual way to look to adopt and
expectant mothers need to so their homework.

"It’s kind of scary and I hope people find reputable agencies to bring their children to" says Tammy Mahan of Children and Families of Iowa. Mahan says she worries about young women contacting strangers in other states. Her advice, contact a local agency first.

We called both the Halverson family and their social worker. But, we did not hear back from them.

Tammy Mahan adds the approach may be the Halverson’s last ditch effort to find a baby to adopt.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

10 thoughts

  1. I’m really uncomfortable with the whole “advertising to adopt” thing. Advertising makes me think of one party trying to convince another party to buy into something, whether or not that would serve them well. Just my 2 cents as an a-mom.

  2. i wonder if they tried an agency. then i wonder if there were reasons why they ended up without an agency.
    whether they were denied or if they are just impatient for a child, it seems strange to think a child could be adopted using a sign on a post. and how about those pleas for a child on myspace? is ebay next?

  3. Can you imagine finding out your parents found your birth parents from a sign on the inter-state? That is just wrong on so many levels. I wonder why an agency didn’t help them, perhaps it’s because they clearly put their needs first. Geez, that’s just creepy to me.

  4. The fantasy art thing would scare me off to start with (their web site).
    I was always put off by the image of a desperate couple, begging to be parents. It is as if they don’t truly understand what being a parent means.
    “Adoptive parents are…” applies to who now? I can imagine the reaction I would cause were I to say “adoptee bloggers sure are…” 🙂

  5. Ed,
    While I understand your last paragraph, do I really have to state each and every time that I am not grouping ALL the adoptive parents in the world together?
    If I sound defensive here, it’s because I am.
    I think I have stated clearly enough on this blog that it’s not my intention to lump all a-p’s together.
    I feel as if I’m being watched by the A-P word police.
    Or, I guess I should say, by SOME of the A-P word police.

  6. I am more than a little creeped out by the road-side advertising for a baby (and, to be honest, by their website as well!)

  7. Many in the adoption community are “watching” you, but mostly to learn a few lessons!
    This situation is just plain old creepy! The website shows pictures of young children in a sexy sort of fantasy thing. Icky!
    I wonder if the family truly wants a child or simply something new to sketch!
    Either way I hope that NO birthmother chooses this family. Soliciting is a desperate attempt at fulfilling their “wants”

  8. “We would be willing to house a young mother until she completes her term.”
    As long as she promises to leave her baby behind when she gets booted out. Wow. Isn’t that generous of them. Let’s hope everyone who checks the website is as creeped out by these people as the commenters here are.

  9. Domestic adoption is in need of reform. Highway signs, My Space ads, something smells rotten in the U.S.

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