Philadelphia Inquirer: “Chinese adoptees coming together”

Chinese adoptees coming together

By Jeff Gammage
Inquirer Staff Writer

For years, as American parents toted their adopted Chinese daughters to dragon fairs and New Year’s banquets, they wondered: Will these girls eventually try to band together on their own? And if so, when?

The answers: yes, and now.

For the last few months, a 29-year-old Southern California adoptee named Jennifer Jue-Steuck has traveled the world, forging connections to create the first organization run by and for Chinese adoptees, nearly 62,000 of whom have come to the United States over the last 15 years.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. Thanks for posting this. My husband and I have made sure we maintain contact with our travel partners and other families locally and internationally so that our daughter has the choice of growing up and maintaining friendships with other girls and boys who have been adopted from China as she has. We do not try to force friendships, but rather maintain contact and relationships for her future needs. Our area is predominately caucasian and we try to make sure she sees and knows Asian people (not only other adoptees) and for her to know others with her experiences. We also maintain a good relationship with her foster mother–I know she will have many questions for her later as well. For us it is very important to explore all avenues and find as much information as possible while the information is still “fresh”, hopefully making it easier for her future. We want as many of the answers there as we can provide, knowing all along the most important is not and most likely will not be available–who are her birthparents. We only hope that our efforts now will help to ease some of the hard times she will face as she questions her beginnings, etc.

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