Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

3 thoughts

  1. After watching that, I watched another one of her talking about her adoptive mother’s perspective.
    I literally cried.
    How on Earth does someone deny their own child WHO they are?
    I’ll never be able to be settled on the bigger moral issue of adoption or TRA adoption because I have no choice but to move forward, but putting a child in that position is a cruel an abuse as I could imagine on my darkest day.

  2. I thank you, as always, for posting these issues, resources, etc.
    I was also brought to tears and anger in all honesty because at this very moment there is a debate on an adoption board regarding abandonment vs left to be found. I know for some it is just a matter of semantics, for me it is much more–it is truth, it is the unknowns, it is the bigger picture. I hope that at some point international adoption will end, although I have benefited/been rewarded/feel ever so grateful to have my daughter. I don’t think it is the “better” answer or the only one, it may be for some and not for others. I not only hear the voices of the women on this film, but am listening as well. I think many people do not want to really know/listen/believe that their children will not fit in or feel different.
    For me, I look at my daughter and see an Asian face and know that the world views her in that light with each glance. I see in her smile and expressions some of my own and that of my husband; both heritage and culture contribute to who she is and who she will become, I want her to be proud of both. I only hope I will be able to comfort, provide strength, support, and love when she faces the inevitable feelings of difference from our family, as a minority in our culture (god I hope that changes), and conflict with her past and her present.

  3. I want to thank you so much for posting these. My husband usually never pays attention to what I do on the computer, but he heard these playing and came to listen. He actually had tears in his eyes when the young lady was speaking about her mother really not understanding.
    I think these clips are a very effective means of communicating tra experience.

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