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  1. Okay, so I’m not on top of my celebrity gossip or anything but didn’t I hear that one of the (possible) reasons for Pitt-Anniston break-up was due to her reluctance to have children? If that’s true… her adopting would appear to be a simple “Hey, look at me – I can adopt too so nyah” at Jolie. And if that’s a fair assumption, I guess I just have shake my head and say, “Some people really shouldn’t be parents”. Not because they’d be unfit – but because children are being used as commodities, mere accessories to their image. Ucky.

  2. I certainly have no idea what the average celebrity thinks when they make such decisions, but I have a hard time thinking it has anything to do with image or accessorizing. What is more the phenomenon, their lives or our intrusion into them?

  3. PS, that isn’t to say I do not question the motives of adoptive parents. I absolutely do. We should all be questioning them.
    The many grillings I receive by prospective adoptive parents are usually not what the prospective parents expected to hear. They see this man that obviously really enjoys parenthood, yet I seem to only offer doubt. The way I see it if one cannot overcome that doubt with a clear heart, one should reconsider.

  4. apparently i’m waaay behind on the gossip b/c i didn’t even know sheryl crow adopted a baby. umm, didn’t she JUST get over her breast cancer?
    …yeah okay, i’m really behind.
    is jennifer aniston adopting internationally?
    i dunno, i’m just sick of celeb adoptions in general. maybe i’m just sick of celebs procreating and rearing children in general (and by rearing, i mean paying the nanny or au pair). or maybe i’m just sick of celebs.
    what i do know is that i saw oceans 13 last weekend (great movie, by the way) but i couldn’t help but want to jump out of my seat and attack brad pitt when he appeared on screen. Smug adulterous celebrity adopter!

  5. To me it seems kind of silly to judge celebrities based on what’s in US Weekly or some such trashy publication (I’m referring to the first comment above). I can’t imagine these magazines are looking to paint an accurate picture. They’re just trying to sell magazines.
    I don’t really understand the disdain for celebrities who adopt. Why is it ok for “normal” folks to adopt and not celebrities? Or is that some of the readers of this blog think that most people who adopt are not worthy or responsible in pursuing adoption and so the celebrities probably fall into this category too?
    I’m all for discussion and scrutiny when it comes to adoption. I just think it’s difficult to do this when you are speculating about someone’s life, rather than actually having a meaningful exchange.
    Jae Ran, do you post the celebrity adoption headlines to give people an opportunity to observe the topic of adoption in the media? Do you feel that when celebrities adopt it is sometimes because they are trying to be trendy? What do you make of all this? Is it that adoption is less of a taboo subject, or that the topic of babies in general is such a big deal in the celebrity media world? Do you think that this type of media is a problem in that it might lead to people adopting without exploring the complexities and responsibilities of being an adoptive parent?
    These are a lot of questions, I know. I’m curious. Does the coverage of celebrity adoptions make your experience seem trivialized somehow? Maybe if there was more media coverage of the adoptee experience… Is that why these kinds of celebrity adoption stories strike a nerve with people? I could see that. Maybe I’m answering my own question. Maybe it’s not so much a critique of the individual celebrities per se, but a critique of adoption in the media. Sorry for the long comment. I’d love to hear from you, Jae Ran, on this topic of celebrity adoptions.

  6. Tracy – ahem… is your comment assuming that I read trashy publications, i.e. loaded with judgment? If you would step down from your stepstool long enough to actually read my comment, I did say I thought I heard somewhere. As in, I am not a total recluse so I heard people speculate. And no, I am too busy entertaining my toddler at the grocery store to read US Weekly but thank you for your wise assessment on tabloids. As a literature and writing major, I had no concept of fiction vs. non-fiction. I said, “If that’s true…” and “If that’s a fair assumption…” – please do let me know IF those phrases need explanation.
    Celebrity adoptions have become matters of speculation for many interested groups. For some frustrated adoptive parents who have been waiting on lists, this is definitely a matter of rich vs. not-so-rich or famous vs. not-famous-at-all. For the adoption activists, i.e. ones who strive to make adoption ethical and FOR the children (yes, adopting a child, in theory, is supposed to benefit the CHILD), this is a dangerous zone. Ever since a certain celebrity made it ‘cool’ with all eyes on her beautiful adopted children of Benetton, suddenly other celebrities have made a mad rush to the headlines with their adoption desires. Celebrity adoption is nothing new – they’re people after all. Media hasn’t been this rabidly interested in adoption (except when Woody and Soon-yi hooked up) and any responsible person interested in adoption and adoption issues would be paying attention. One does have to wonder how much of this is PR and how much of it is an actual desire to be a parent to a child in need of a parent… and not so much about boosting an image.
    As an aside, I do find it curious when someone questions the reasons for one’s blog post. Last time I checked, this was Jae Ran’s blog – unless you’re an editor of this blog (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have one) and you’re paying her money for each post, she certainly does not have to answer why she posted what she posted. (If you’re paying her money per blog post… I take back my snooty tone and would like to know how I can get in on the action.)
    That said… JR, this IS you blog so I shall now get off MY stepstool and scurry away.

  7. “One does have to wonder how much of this is PR and how much of it is an actual desire to be a parent to a child in need of a parent… and not so much about boosting an image”
    Well said, Mama Nabi. That sums up my skepticism on celebrity adoptions.
    As for what Tracy asked (even though it was not directed at me) sure, celebrity adoptions trivialize our experiences as adoptees. But celeb adoptions also create a general public assumption about all adoptees: they should be grateful for being adopted/rescued and, in turn, conceptualizes the adoptive parent as benevolent rescuers/saints, skewing the image of adoptive families.
    But, lets just get to the nitty gritty: THEY’RE CELEBRITIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! WHO CARES HOW WE TALK ABOUT THEM?!?!?! Sure, they’re people too. But I’m pretty dang sure my feelings towards them as adoptive/prospective adoptive parents won’t likely reach their ears. And if it did, I highly doubt it would make them lose sleep at night. Millions of dollars can help dull the pain.

  8. Hello Lissy Jo,
    I’m sorry if I came off as being judgmental. I was just trying to say that how can we possibly know the intentions of celebrities based on the media coverage of celebrities? With the Jennifer Anniston example, even if it’s true that she and her husband split over her not wanting a child, I still don’t see how we can determine that she’s adopting to prove something. I mean isn’t that being judgmental? My comment about trashy magazines was more a statement about the celebrity media coverage fueling all of these discussions rather than you. I don’t know you. I have no idea what magazines you read. I don’t think people who read those magazines are bad. I sometimes read those magazines. I just don’t think we can have a serious discussion about adoption based on this type of media.
    I was not criticizing Jae Ran. I really enjoy this blog. I was asking a question, because I’m interested in her take on the issue of celebrities adopting and the media coverage that surrounds it. I would never try to tell someone how to run their blog. She is way more knowledgeable than I am about these issues. That’s why I read this blog. I value her opinion and perspective.
    Again, I apologize. I re-read my comment and I can see how you would take it as my being judgmental of you. Its ironic I guess, because my point was that aren’t we being judgmental of celebrities based on what I consider to be the “silly” media that feeds our obsession with celebrities. I don’t want to judge anyone, because I have no idea what it is to be anyone but me, and I’m not omniscient.
    I hope this helps clarify.

  9. Oh, I think I just realized that I was actually responding to Mama Nabi not Lissy Jo. I was looking at the wrong name. Sorry for the confusion.

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