Young HM Magazine?

A friend sent this to me today – Mei, a magazine just for adopted Chinese girls. Mei is "a magazine created for Chinese adoptees age 7 to 14. A bimonthly
magazine featuring wholesome articles with an emphasis on issues
specific to girls adopted from China."


When I was a kid, I had visions of doing this same thing for adopted Korean teen girls. I remember flipping through the pages of Seventeen and YM, wishing I’d could read features like:

  • How to survive going to the cosmetic counter at a department store without ending up looking like a Geisha
  • Top 10 snappy things to say to stupid Asian fetishists
  • "I’m not paranoid: How to get your parents to understand racism at school"
  • Where to purchase "I SUCK AT MATH" t-shirts
  • Kimchee: Learn to love it!
  • Beyond Kung Fu: Breaking down those stereotypes about Asians!
  • Being the model minority of the model minority – How to get people to stop expecting you to be perfect
  • Korean Hair 101 – How to get a hairstylist to LISTEN to you at the salon!
  • Interracial Dating – meeting his parents for the first time
  • Advice column: What to say when your brother says he wishes you’d never been adopted
  • Beyond "colorblindness": How to respond when your friends and parents say, "I never see you as Korean, you’re just like me!"
  • Korean vocabulary lesson – Learn how to pronounce your orphanage name correctly!!
  • Alternate Adoptee Horoscope – for those of you who don’t have a real birthday or time of birth for the typical astrological chart.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

9 thoughts

  1. I don’t see why you couldn’t still create one… I’d love to help! I know that when I was flipping through Seventeen magazines, I didn’t think they were for me at all.

  2. 1. Great idea for the magazine – Chinese adopted girls.
    2. The Korean version – too funny lol – at the same time – needed as well.

  3. Ohmygosh – I can relate to each and every topic you mentioned in a HUGE way.
    Awesome idea, Jae Ran! I’m with Soon-Young and Mama Nabi – let’s go!

  4. oh this is sooo to the point!! if this happens I could provide articles/interviews/fashiontips/etc. from Denmark + Scandinavia ;)let’s talk in Seoul

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