Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference


I’m pleased to announce that I will be participating in the "Meet The Bloggers" session at the Adoption Ethics and Accountability conference on October 15th, 2007. I’ve added a link in the left hand side of the blog under "Upcoming Events."

From the conference brochure:

Reception and Meet the Bloggers
During the Reception on Monday evening, October 15th, you will have the opportunity to “Meet the Bloggers”. For those unfamiliar with blogs, they are a form of internet social networking, i.e., digital communities. Some blogs provide commentary or news on different subjects such as food, politics, or local news; others function more as personal online diaries. Blogs are interactive; readers are able to leave comments, which then generates online discussion. The bloggers participating in this session will also cover the conference on their blogs, sharing observations and interviews with the online community. Be sure to check out their sites before, during, and after the conference.

In this casual session we have an exciting opportunity for conference attendees to meet bloggers who are making waves in the adoption community. The blogosphere has become the new platform for adoption activists and a way to inform the community, allowing triad members and professionals to organize and build upon the adoption experience. Join us as we meet the people behind the blogs and learn how they’ve revitalized the community. Bloggers from all perspectives – adoptees, first parents, adoptive parents, and activists – have been invited. The following bloggers have confirmed – check back to see the list grow.

David Kruchkow The Adoption Agency Checklist
David’s website paved the way for bloggers seeking information on how to assess adoption agencies and avoid adoption fraud. His personal experience, subsequent community organizing, and continued advocacy for transparency brings thousands of visitors to his website.

Desiree and David Smolin Fleas Biting
The Smolin family’s blog details adoption fraud, corruption, and other unethical practices and has proven to be a vital resource for prospective adoptive families. A critical voice, the blog advocates that there is no room for injustice in international adoption.

Jennifer Hemsley Great Wall China Adoption Nightmare
Jennifer is an adoptive mother with a painful experience of attempting to adopt a child from China . Her story has motivated her to inform the community of the intricacies and possible pitfalls in international adoption.

Elizabeth Case Beware of
Elizabeth ’s site pre-dated blogs but inspired other families to share their experiences with adoption fraud as well as help families navigate the structure of international adoption.

Margie Perscheid Third Mom
Margie is the adoptive mother of two Korean teens and co-founder of Korean Focus. She thinks out loud on her blog about intercountry adoptive parenting, adoptive parent responsibilities toward their children and the adoption community, and truth in adoption.

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy Musings of the Lame
Claudia is a domestic first mother who has lent her writing and community organization talents to her blog as well as Origins USA. She has rallied the triad against injustices against vulnerable parents as well as covered issues on open records and informed consent.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

5 thoughts

  1. This is great that you will be there and that you were asked to attend for this session – as well as will be covering the conference on your blog. Very cool.

  2. Thank goodness you’ll be there. Can’t wait to get the scoop. I looked at the list of confirmed speakers on the website, and it looks like quite a colorful cast of characters.

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