The Sun: “Musings: The colorful story of adoption in Iowa”

Musings: The colorful story of adoption in Iowa
by Jake Krob · September 19, 2007

Dozens of families with happy hearts filled the city park in LeGrand Saturday, fitting Holt International’s slogan, “From Your Heart to Your Home.”

Nearly 200 people from around the Midwest, mostly Iowa, gathered in this little burg between Tama/Toledo and Marshalltown. LeGrand is the hometown of a Holt adoption specialist, Lisa Muntz, who’s celebrating her 20th year with Holt. Thus, there’s a small Holt office there, one Niki and I spent time in as Lisa helped us on our own journey that ended with the arrival of Eli three years ago.

Each September, the colorful world of adoption descends on LeGrand for an old-fashioned picnic. This year, those worldly places ranged from Korea to India as 30-somethings to a beautiful little 17-month-old shared their commonalities as adoptees.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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