New York Times features “Relative Choices”

The New York Times has a new series titled, Relative Choices: Adoption and the American Family. Some of the contributors are:


Dr. Jane Aronson
is a pediatrician, founder and medical director of Worldwide Orphans
Foundation, and adoptive mother, who has evaluated and treated more
than 4,000 adopted children. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Jeff Gammage, staff writer at The Philadelphia Inquirer, is the author of "China
Ghosts: My Daughter’s Journey to America, My Passage to Fatherhood,"
published by William Morrow.

Gloria Hochman,
a journalist and author for more than 30 years, has written extensively
about relationships, children, social issues, and mental and physical
health. She is currently communications director for the National
Adoption Center.


Tama Janowitz
is the author of several novels, short stories and essays. Her new
novel, "They Is Us," will be published in 2008. Her work has appeared
in Vogue, Harper’s, The New York Times, Modern Ferret, and elsewhere.
She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter and six poodles.


Lynn Lauber,
a birth mother, has written two novels that feature the theme of
relinquishment ("White Girls" and "21 Sugar Street") and the
non-fiction work, "Listen to Me: Writing Life into Meaning." She is
currently writing a memoir about reuniting with her daughter. She lives
in Nyack, N.Y.


Hollee McGinnis
is the policy director at the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and
the founder of Also-Known-As, Inc., an adult intercountry adoptee
organization. Also-known-as Lee Hwa Yong, she was born in South Korea
in and was adopted by her American family at the age of 3.


Jade Nissl,
13, is an eighth grader at ANSER Public Charter School in Boise, Idaho.
She was adopted in 1996 from Wuhu, Anhui, China. She enjoys music, art,
and sports. She has wonderful memories of each of her three very
different trips to China.


Katy Robinson
is the author of "A Single Square Picture: A Korean Adoptee’s Search
for Her Roots" (Berkley Books). She is the recipient The Jefferson
Fellowship by the East-West Center and the yearlong Bang Il-Young
Fellowship to study in Seoul, Korea. She lives in Boise, Idaho.


Huong Sutliff
was born in Hoa Binh, Vietnam in 1991 and was adopted at age 7. She
lives with her adoptive family in Brooklyn and attends Poly Prep
Country Day School, where she is a member of the varsity track team and
a writer for the school newspaper.


Sumeia Williams,
formerly Le Thi Buu Tran, was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1970. She
lives in North Carolina, where she is a mother and a writer. Her work
has appeared in Azizah, Nha, The Iodine Poetry and other magazines. She
is the author of the blog, Ethnically Incorrect Daughter.


Adam Wolfington,
16, was matched with his adoptive family before his birth in 1991. He
lives with them in Philiadelphia where he is a junior at St. Joseph’s
Preparatory School, and enjoys playing music, among other activities.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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