New York Times: “Foster Children at Risk, and an Opportunity Lost”

Foster Children at Risk, and an Opportunity Lost

Many children like J. P., 15, have languished in the care of minority-run foster agencies

By Leslie Kaufman

This is the first of a series in the New York Times.

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Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. Seems to me it is all about the scope of the problem. The article mentions the amount of money spent. It was probably not nearly enough.
    I remember when my wife worked for the local CPS organization – in a county with about a million people.
    The stress was so high and the turnaround so rapid and caseload so utterly impossible I was surprised she held on as long as she did.
    I also wonder if we are really taking the right approach to these problems. Like perhaps we need to figure out how to help people sooner, and with their dignity and self worth intact.
    I realize as a white person my own experience in such a system might not have been as difficult, but I don’t remember it that way. The families were nice enough, but all of them seemed happy to pass me on to the next family as quickly as they could. The one bright spot was one social worker that kept close tabs on me. The closest thing to a “normal” mom I ever knew.

  2. The NY system is totally screwed up.
    I used to send off inquiries for children in their state photolistings… but I gave up. My agency head told me that although the children are listed, and listed for very long periods, she’s never known of any that are actually adopted out of state.
    This was a very interesting series. To me, the problems looked like the result of a pass-the-buck mentality. Outsource everything, don’t look too closely at who you outsource too… you will save money and everyone will win! The consequences are horrific. The story of the girl who did not get adopted until she was 20 was especially moving.

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