Pacific Citizen: “Minnesota’s Adult Adopted Koreans Connect at AK Connection”

Minnesota’s Adult Adopted Koreans Connect at AK Connection

With the highest number of Korean adoptees in any state, Minnesota is in a unique position to help build networks.



At the age of 4, Kimberly "Soon-Young" Therres reached up to touch her mother’s eyelids "with their prominent folds" and wondered, ‘how come mine don’t have folds like that?’


It is the earliest memory Therres, now 29, has of realizing for the first time that she was different from her German American adoptive parents and two older brothers. She is an adopted Korean.

Born in Gimhae, South Korea, Therres’ biological parents made the difficult decision of putting their daughter up for adoption in 1978. By the time she was five months old, her adoptive parents had come to take her to her new home in Chaska, Minnesota.    

"I knew I was adopted, even at that young age," she said. "I don’t push away who I am because of how I was raised. I’ve always stressed my Korean blood, my Korean heritage. I’ve always felt a sense of pride about it."

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Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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