Korean adoptee discovers a twin who was kept

Why oh why does this happen? Secrets and lies are never a good thing and usually aren’t kept secret. This article, I think, highlights what I hope are outdated methods of adoption practice and mythology. I know that people think openness is messy and complicated and it can be – but the secrets can be devastating.

I find it so amazing (in a bad way) that adoption professionals seem to be the main proponents of keeping secrets and lies in "the best interest of the child" or as in this case, to prevent "confusion over bonding." What hogwash.

Emily Saunders finds the missing piece of her puzzle

Jennifer Simonson, Dml – Star Tribune

St. Paul resident Emily Saunders learned, six months ago, that she has a twin sister living in South Korea. Saunders will travel to South Korea to meet her birth sister and birth mother after the new year.

Emily Saunders made a startling discovery this year – she has a twin sister who lives halfway around the globe. This week, the two will come face to face for the first time since their birth 21 years ago.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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