Sage advice from Maddox to Pax

This gem is from one of my favorite new (to me) blogs. Disgrasian has been around a while, but I’m only a few months hip to their great blog. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this "conversation" between Pax and Maddox. Thanks to Disgrasian for allowing me to post.

Conversasian between Pax and Maddox Jolie-Pitt in the Jolie-Pitt nursery, earlier this week:

MADDOX: (yawns)

PAX: (yawns) Guess what, Mad? I’m officially a Jolie-Pitt today. Mommy said so. We’re waiting to hear from a judge, but when he says everything is okay, we’re gonna have a cake party and I’ll get presents.

MADDOX: (snaps to) Wha? Was that today?

PAX: Yup.

MADDOX: (rolls eyes) Oh. Great.

PAX: And mommy says that if I want I can get camo pants like yours tomorrow.

MADDOX: Why do you want camo pants? My look is camo pants. I’m rough and tough! I’ve had a faux-hawk since the age of one, bitch! You look like you listen to emo.

PAX: I do listen to emo. What’s emo?

MADDOX: Whatever it is, you’re only allowed to wear Levi’s and Jack Purcells and cry through Death Cab for Cutie songs. You emoter.

PAX: What’s emoter?

MADDOX: Never mind. Stay off my pants!

PAX: But mommy said…

MADDOX: She’s not your mommy!


(Incredibly, incredibly pregnant pause.)

MADDOX: (shaking it off) Man, isn’t it great being a Jolie-Pitt?

PAX: Totally. It’s like being the royalty of Narnia. I’ve completely forgotten everything before being Pax.

MADDOX: Nothing before that really mattered, man. Trust me.

Read the rest of their conversation here.

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