Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

3 thoughts

  1. My mom just called me and asked me about this – I knew HM would have the details…
    Our local paper just published online a photo of the family. I started crying… and then I got angry.
    Money troubles? It seemed he would have ended up going to prison/jail… well, if he didn’t want to face it, fine, he could have just killed himself. It would be just as tragic if those children were his biological children… but the fact that there are these parents somewhere in Korea who believe that their child(ren) are in a better place, that they gave up their children to give them better lives… well, that adds to the sting.
    I am making myself stop here – otherwise, I’d be spewing some choice words. My heart breaks for the kids and the wife. The husband? I have no sympathy for that coward and thief.

  2. I agree completely with Mama Nabi. This story has really been bothering me. I agree that all children are precious; I have both biological and adopted children. I do feel an extra responsibility to the birth family to give her the life they wanted her to have. Not material things, but safety, security, access to education, health services, unconditional love, etc. This man wanted to kill himself, fine, but leave the family out of it. It is only money! I am pissed that he broke his promise to protect these children. How must this make adoptive parents look to the Korean government? My heart breaks for the birth families that felt they were making the best choice they could for their children only to have this selfish man ignore the rights of these children to live a long, happy life.

  3. I’ve been terribly upset by this story since I first read about it here yesterday. A picture of the kids was published in an online article and I couldn’t even look at them. This crime is just so heinous and shocking. How could this man be so selfish. He must be in h*ll. I am devastated for their first families in Korea.

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