Talk outlines risks in international adopting

This was an interesting article from the Daily Iowan

Talk outlines risks in international adopting

Ashton Shurson – The Daily Iowan

Issue date: 3/25/08 Section: Metro
As Chinese adoptions increase around the world and especially in the United States, a few UI students have been looking into the darker side of adoptions in the Asian country.

UI law students Patricia Meier and Joy Zhang gave a presentation Monday on the Hunan baby-trafficking scandal and how it exposes vulnerabilities in Chinese adoptions to the United States.

In November 2005, police in China uncovered a baby trafficking ring involving six orphanages and babies primarily from the southern part of the country.

It is unclear how the children were obtained, but defendants claim the babies were abandoned while prosecutors in the case accused the Hengyang Social Welfare Institution of knowingly buying abducted babies.

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Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. When so many children are available for adoption because the parents lack the means to raise the child themselves, isn’t it hard to adopt ethically? When so little of what we have here in USA would provide for those children in their homes, when is it ethical for us to profit from their poverty or youth or social conditions? It is a hard topic to explore when what you want is a baby and you are unable to have a biological child. Desire so often trumps ethics.

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