“Domestic Adoption Exceeds Overseas for 1st Time”

From the Korea Times, an article about 2007 statistics from the National Statistic Office in South Korea.

The number of orphans adopted last year declined from a year ago,
falling for the sixth consecutive year. But a greater number of orphans
found a new family here than overseas for the first time.

Local households adopted 1,388 orphans, accounting for
52.3 percent of the total, while 1,264 orphans, or 47.7 percent, found
a new home in foreign countries.

 Interesting to me was that the number of child abuse cases more than doubled. Read the whole article here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. I wonder if the number of cases represents more incidents or more thorough reporting?
    I often will hear how much worse things are these days in response to some nationally or globally sensationalized case, yet I know from personal experience that worse things were at least as common when I was young (I am 50 years old).
    Very encouraging to hear of an increase in domestic adoptions. Seems to me from what little I can read that Korean society is changing.
    On a side note today was my 6 year old’s sixth adoption anniversary. As we ate his favorite ice cream cake we all agreed that two him holidays are a good thing because his birthday is about his birth family and his anniversary is about his life here.
    I am continuously amazed at how well he understands his young life. It gives me hope for him.

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