“Sex, The City, And Who’s That Adopted Asian Kid?”

Yes, I am ashamed to admit I loved Sex and the City, even though there were no people of color, somehow, in SJP’s impossibly white NYC. However, I WAS stabbed in the heart when Charlotte ends up adopting at the end of the series (Sorry for the spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen the show).

Of course, a bunch of my Korean adoptee friends are talking about seeing the movie now that the trailers give us a glimpse of Charlotte’s Chinese daughter. Fantasy mirrors reality (or is it the other way around?) – I too was the older adopted Asian kid with a bio sibling hot on my heels.

Here is one opinion of the portrayal of the adopted Chinese daughter in the movie.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

3 thoughts

  1. Oh man, I love, LOVE the show, too, but was so disappointed how they handled the adoption story line with Charlotte and Harry.
    I do plan on seeing the movie and am VERY interested to see how their daughter and adoption are portrayed.

  2. I know that the adoption story line was handled the usual hollywood way, but if I remember they had tried to adopt from the US first and that didn’t work out. The other thing was that she suddenly had a referral from China, as if she just sent off her papers one day and the following week got her referrsl the next week!! and there we were after 5 years of being in process.(not American)
    We have a DD from China now, and it irritates me a little to see that people assume if you dress your daughter from China, she is an accessory, or a ‘Doll’ All my friends with bio kids love dressing up their children nicely ( more to do with our consumer society) and when we dress our daughters nicely it is frowned upon . My daughter is impossibly cute and adorable, and we always get told that she is a little Doll. I hate it. But do I have to dress her down or make her less attractive?? It is hard. I love her so much, but sometimes it would be easier if she was not so beautiful. She already hates the word gorgeous!! She rolls her eyes when strangers comment on her being gorgeous etc. And she is only 2.5
    I love SATC, and hope that they handle the Adoption storyline realistically and senstively.

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