“Black kids less likely to be adopted” and other links

  • Adam Pertman and Shannon Gibney discuss transracial adoption and the Evan B. Donaldson report on MEPA at WBUR’s Here and Now radio show

When Theresa Alden adopted two black boys from an agency in
Philadelphia, she changed her lifestyle for them and they changed
her outlook on race. Alden, who is 50 and white, started attending a black church near
her home in Lancaster, established a network of black friends and
acquaintances, began listening to more black music and buying
children’s books by black authors."My boys will be in a minority here. How do you face the issues
that go along with that?" she said when asked about her attempts to
give them role models and points of reference.


Read the whole article here

  • Not adoption related, but a very intriguing and fascinating exploration of the idea of traveling as an extension of objectifying the "other" – "They think they have the right to go wherever they like" at Racialicious. It makes me think of all those Discovery Channel and National Geographic shows in which white "adventurers" go to these remote areas and try to "become" or get accepted into some indigenous tribe. It makes me think how we "foreign-born" children are the opposite. How we are brought to Western places and assimilated. How sometimes it feels like white people just feel entitled to "get" their culture wherever they like, whenever they like. [and yes, I know not ALL white people do this, so please do not comment on how I’m over-generalizing.]

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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