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Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. Gah, this crap just makes me cringe (right up there with the “China ultrasounds). Since I was a very unplanned pregnancy (and subsequently adopted), perhaps I should have sported a onesie that said “Made in backseat of ’64 Mercury.”

  2. Oh man – this is so disappointing. I’ve seen those crappy ultrasound shirts with an outline of China on them as well – same kind of nonsense. Who in their right mind would walk around with this sh@t? I don’t want to be associated with it, or the orphan savers, or the racists, or the culturally ignorant raising children of color. I call it out when I see it.
    I’m the adoptive mother of the most amazing child who was born in China. She’s not a commodity, she’s not a doll, she’s not Maddox Jolie-Pitt, she’s not lucky, she’s not my savior – nor am I hers.
    She is an individual. She has two other mothers who knew her before me. Not tummy mommies, not birth mommies, not “real” mommies – but first and second mommies. I am her third, and it’s my greatest honor in life to have the opportunity to know her and to love her.
    I know your blog is not intended for APs, though I know many who come here often even though it can be difficult – it’s important. Your voice is so important.
    Thank you Jae Ran.
    Shelly in MN

  3. That bag is beyond awful. I’m glad I’ve never actually seen something like that on a kid- although I have seen the “Worth the Wait” shirts walking around.

  4. I’m an adoptive mom, also, of bio kids and of a son who happens to have been born in Guatemala. I read your blog because I learn. FWIW, I would never use his ethnicity as an accessory and never have referred to him as my little Guatling prince (that just creeps me out). I’m trying to be responsible and be aware of what we need to do to raise him in a transcultural environment. Interesting blog!

  5. I hope not!
    I totally understand wanting to be proud and excited about adopting, but most of the t-shirts like these and the ultrasound ones are so awful. I think the worst ones are those that say things like, “Save Children Stop Unicef” or “Pregnant with love for my child in _____” – or yuk, one that said, “Yes I’m an immigrant and I’m learning English as fast as I can.”

  6. Oh yeah, the “Coming Home Barbie,” I almost forgot about her. No one in our travel group could understand why we didn’t want one…

  7. I do not think one should use their child’s ethnicity as an accessory, but I do not think it is so horrible to be proud of them either or to call them a “princess” just like i might call my little birth kiddos my princess. They ARE my princesses no matter where they came from and I look at it as pride in their worth as a person, adoption has nothing to do with that. Just like they proudly sported “I’m the big sister!” shirts when another sibling joins the family, stating that someone was “worth the wait” is not a bad thing, because EVERY child should know they are unbelievably worth it. I do not think the “even my kid was made in China” is very culturally sensitive at all, though-I do agree with that. But not everyone who shares their child’s ethnicity WITH PRIDE is a bad person who is trying to be the savior of the world or has delusions of grandeur about their impact in the world from adopting a child. It is in fact an embracing of another culture and making others aware of that. No need to “call it out” b/c they are doing it themselves and it does not imply cultural ignorance but cultural awareness as far as I am concerned. Also, we do need to be “saving” orphans-and that is not belittling to them or puffing ourselves up, it is saying that they deserve to have a family like any other child and if we CAN do it, we darn well should because they cannot do it for themselves b/c they are CHILDREN. I just cannot understand why that is so offensive to people-if you had a friend who had who was trapped in a dangerous situation and you could help them get out of it, wouldn’t you? These wonderful children are in a situation that is not ideal for them, either, and we should get them out of it if we are able. That doesn’t make us better than them, it means we love them with a love that motivates us to go to the ends of the earth, literally, for them.

  8. How about the one that says “worth every penny”?! I almost lost it when I saw a baby wearing that! Geeze 😮

  9. WTF is the bag that says “Even my Kid was made in China?”
    Like, I think some of that stuff is kinda funny. That one though is completely inappropriate.

  10. Just like the revolting Tshirt
    Adoption is the New Pregnant
    I revolted against that one and Barraged their inbox with emails !
    These are absolutely pitiful

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