Say it ain’t so

Nooo, not you too, Argentina!

From Disgrasian


From this source comes their excuse:

The photo was published – without provoking controversy –
in the Argentine sports newspaper Ole on Aug 5, to accompany a preview
of the team’s first match of the tournament against Canada. It was
taken more than a week before adverts featuring the Spanish men’s and
women’s basketball teams in similar poses sparked international

The image shows players Maria Potassa, Eva Gonzalez,
Fabiana Vallejos and Andrea Ojeda smiling broadly as they pull back the
skin on the side of their eyes, in a crude impersonation of Chinese
people. There is no suggestion that the four footballers intended to
cause offence.

more idiocy – here and here

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

5 thoughts

  1. …you’d have to be a complete imbecile to think that is acceptable. Or if you have the mentality and maturity of… say, a 5 year old. These pictures aren’t even pissing me off any more. I see a group of developmentally challenged people and wonder it that’s the criteria for athletes in these countries.
    Of course, there is also a good chance that they are a bunch of hateful fucks.
    I’m going with imbeciles.

  2. Oh man, I’m having flashbacks to preschool playground and the whole “chinese, japanese, look at these!” taunt…
    I guess even if you’re a world class athlete, you aren’t immune to idiocy.

  3. I have been doing alot of thinking about this since last weeks Spanish team did the same thing. I also know very little about the world outside my four walls (America) because aside from a few short trips I have never lived anywhere else.
    But my wondering is this (for those more knowledgeable than I); are we expecting too much? What are bloggers and other countries’ media saying about this? Yes, I and probably alot (although unfortunately maybe not most) Americans find the pictures repulsive but are we looking at it from our prism of values?
    If two entire teams fail to see anything wrong with this does that mean that the countries themselves have not yet advanced to the anti-racist values that America is trying to (but hasn’t yet) establish.
    Believe me, I am not trying to make allowances for them. Just trying to understand whether or not it comes from a complete disconnect within the country itself on racist attitudes. And how many other countries feel the same?

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