Too close to home

This is particularly sad for me, as I used to live close to the suburb where this tragedy occurred.

Troubled Roseville mom suspect in girls’ stabbing

A single mother who apparently stabbed her two young daughters and
herself Thursday afternoon in their well-kept Roseville townhouse may
have been overwhelmed by stress and financial problems, a close friend

Neighbors said Sieferman is a single mother who adopted the girls
from China. Her online blog identifies the girls as Hannah, adopted in
1999, and Linnea, adopted in 2003.

The blog contains Sieferman’s account of her longheld desire to
adopt daughters from overseas and her joy upon meeting them and
watching them grow.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. I saw the headline in the paper but hadn’t read that the girls were adopted. It’s very sad.
    I know that there are many, many single mothers who handle things unbelievably well. However, why on earth didn’t the adoption agency consider that two children, quite possibly with the attendant orphanage delays as well as all of the general transracial adoption concerns (in the very white area of Roseville, no less) in four years might be too much too soon for one person?
    My best friend is a single mother to one child who doesn’t have the added concerns of adoption-related issues, and her hair is nearly falling out with stress. I can’t imagine a sensible, self-aware person trying to undertake what this woman tried to do. But maybe that’s simply an acknowledgment of my own limitations.

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