Once They Hear My Name

Another book about the Korean adoptee experience!!


Once They Hear My Name: Korean Adoptees and Their Journeys Toward Identity is a collection of oral histories collected by Marilyn Lammert, a social worker and adoptive parent. This anthology features 9 narratives by adult Korean adoptees talking about their experiences growing up with White parents. I know two of the participants in this book so it was nice to read on that note.

One thing I especially appreciate is the wide age span of the adoptees profiled in this piece. I think it helps broaden the experiences and for me, a huge thing, really highlights that we are no longer all just "kids" forever. There is a tendency to think of adoptees as perpetual children and so I definitely appreciate having adult voices present. (Though why a child is featured on the cover — I know, I know, kids are cute and this one is especially adorable. But it just again makes people think of children, and frankly, the authors of the stories in this book are far from kids. I’m guessing kids on covers just sell books about adoption better.)

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.