Adoption workers receive probation for kidnapping children

Four Sentenced in Scheme to 'Adopt' Samoan Kids
Prosecutors: Adoption Agency Tricked Samoan Parents Into Giving Children Up for Adoption


Four employees of a Wyoming-based adoption agency, Focus on Children,
were sentenced on Wednesday in federal court in Utah to five years on
probation for their role in the scam. Scott and Karen Banks, Coleen
Bartlett and Karalee Thornock have all pleaded guilty to misdemeanor
charges of aiding and abetting the improper entry of an alien. A fifth
defendant, Dan Wakefield, who helped find the children to be adopted in
Samoa, will be sentenced next month.

say the adoption workers and others tricked unwitting Samoan parents
into giving up their children for adoption, telling them that the
children were being sent on an educational program in the United States
and that the children would return to Samoa.

The families didn't know they were giving up their rights to
their children forever. American families paid thousands of dollars for
the adoptions.

U.S. District Judge David Sam ordered the four defendants never
to work in the adoption business again and to contribute to a trust
fund for the children.

Sam said the case "cries out for a sentence that's restorative rather than punitive."

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Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

3 thoughts

  1. I guess I understand restorative, but it seems to me these people deserve a much more severe punishment than they are receiving.
    Couldn’t they make extra license plates to contribute funds to a trust?

  2. Oh no, I read the rest of the article. 😦
    God, I love my children, but if I found out they were stolen, the least I would do is move them back to at least try to reintegrate them with their families. Even after all of these years.

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