Friday links

One adoptee discusses the reasons behind her decision to legally change her name at 8 Asians blog in "Say My Name."

Ethica's call to help Mercy James, the Malawian girl that Madonna is trying to adopt. Read their statement here.

Another media piece about Hollywood's fascination with "black babies." From ABC News. My friend, Robert O'Connor, is quoted in the article. Also, Roland Martin from CNN commentary asks, "Why aren't celebrities adopting U.S. kids?"

Carmen Van Kerchove from Racialicious and New Demographic blogs about Madonna and race at CNN Blogs (disclosure, she cites me).

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival will take place at the Japanese American National
Museum, 369 East 1st Street, June 12-13, 2009, in downtown Los Angeles.

In the Obama age, this free public event celebrates storytelling of
the Mixed experience and multiracial and multicultural families
including families of transracial adoption and interracial and cultural

More information about the festival is here.


Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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