Friday links

  • From WHAS News 11: Adoptive parent tries to light her teenage daughter on fire
  • The Daily Mail : An adoptee finds his family through facebook.
  • From The Times of India: Lost in Delhi, adopted in US – Girl hunts for her family
  • As someone from one of my list-serves said, whatever Madonna wants, Madonna gets. From Fox News: Madonna's adoption of Mercy James is approved
  • Links to a web site and facebook page for Columbian adoptees
  • A story from The Globe and Mail about a Canadian couple who dissolve their adoption of their Guatemalan born children due to post-adoption depression.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. These are dreadful, dreadful stories.
    As an adoptive parent, I read your blog to gain perspective and to think about the issues that my son and our family will face as he grows up. Our decision to search for and connect with his firstmother in Guatemala was inspired by the perspectives of adult adoptees and firstparents.
    I feel like there is a particular circle of hell reserved for the parents from Canada who took SIX YEARS to realize that oops, adoption not for me. And who went through with another adoption during that time.
    But then… I don’t know how to avoid sounding like the quintessential whiny adoptive parent here.
    Stories like these – of abuse and neglect and horrible wrongs being inflicted on children – happen all too often in biological families too. Is it worse when adoptive parents fail their children? What is the point of bringing together these stories of adoptive parents being abusive? Do you feel that they – and the hideously over-entitled Madonna – are typical or representative of adoption stories?

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