Former star of Margaret Cho’s “All American Girl” series adopts transracially

An interesting article that begins with a different spin on transracial adoption.

Transracial adoption crosses the color line.

Transracial Adoption Crosses the Color Line

Published in the Nichi Bei Times Weekly July 9-15, 2009.

Nichi Bei Times

Eight-year-old Penelope, Nikkei actress Amy Hill’s multiracial
adopted daughter, has an interesting take on her identity. She
sometimes says, “‘I’m a little Japanese, you’re more Japanese than I,’”
shared Hill. “I told her that her birth mother is African American and
Caucasian and her father is Latino, and she just goes ‘Oh, okay, pass
the rice, give me more seaweed.’”

Turns out that Penelope currently identifies with the Japanese
American community, though Hill makes sure that she is exposed to her
multicultural friendship circles and involves her in cultural
celebrations reflective of Penelope’s ethnic heritage like Day of the

Hill, 56, who is known for her roles on the Margaret Cho TV show
“All American Girl” and movies such as “Cat in the Hat,” weighed her
options before she decided to go local. “I always considered adoption
since I was a kid because I just felt bad for kids who didn’t have
parents, so even as a child I knew that one day I would adopt.”

Read the rest here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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