Art imitates life

It seems I can't go to movies anymore without a preview or the main feature including some bit about international adoption (usually it's an Asian girl adoption) and typically it's a white couple involved, like in Sex and the City. But it looks like maybe the new Hollywood trend is white gay and lesbian couples adopting Asian girls.

Last night Mr. HM and I went to see the movie Adam. One of the previews was for a new television comedy called Modern Family which will be aired on ABC this fall. The sitcom features a white gay couple adopting a girl from Vietnam. I have a feeling a lot of stereotypes will be bandied about, even with the emphasis on how "diverse families: can be. For example, why does practically every article I read about this sitcom talk about the only Latina woman as a "firecracker sexpot" or some other equally offensive hyper-sexualized description and her son is constantly described as "passionate."

Anyway, in the movie (main feature), the main character goes to a party where a lesbian couple has just adopted a Chinese girl.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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