International Adoption and the Fight for Human Rights

Conducive magazine has another piece on international adoption. This time an editorial piece by Hilbrand Westra, Chair of Adoptees United International.

International Adoption and the Fight for Human Rights

adoption has quietly become a large, lucrative business. While
international adoption agencies would no doubt like to keep it this
way, adult international adoptees are now asking questions. They are
participating in a debate over whose best interests the practice
actually serves, or should serve: the adopter or the adoptee? Taking a
critical look at the practice of international adoption, chairman of United Adoptees International Hilbrand Westra explores its disturbing overlaps with free market
practices and religious justifications, and lays out solutions for
practical legal reform.  Westra shows the power of an emerging
collective adoptee voice shaping what was once seen as an inevitable

You can read the whole article here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. excellent topic
    while these questions should be asked of international adoptions, so should they of domestic. after spending many years in the domestic process, it was very questionable whose human rights were being considered by keeping children in foster care for years and years in case their biological parents got their act together.
    On the other hand, in both domestic and international adoption many families make the choice to place their child for adoption.
    In the end we adopted internationally. meeting and getting to know my childs birth mother was an amazing gift to everyone involved. Unfortuntley not many people will ever know our amazing story, because when they see or hear a child is adopted, they assume it was unjust.

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