Chinese adoptee discovers he was not abandoned but lost

Thanks Millicent for the link. From the Baltimore Sun. This actually happens a lot more often than people think. I know of a number of Korean adoptees who discovered they were not "abandoned" but got lost. People often think this could never happen, but you need to look at it in greater context. In South Korea, for example, where there are few surnames, where people are often called by titles and not first names, and where addresses are extremely long and difficult to learn, it is not at all unfathomable to me that people can and do get lost and a young child would have no way of knowing how to name his or her parents and/or address. I've heard firsthand accounts by people who were separated in busy markets or train station platforms from their older siblings or parents and never found them again.

A new mission to China
: An Easton woman helps her adopted son trace his birth parents — and the contradictions of his mysterious youth

Julia Norris

The boy was near age 6 when he was abandoned in 1998. Police found him under a bridge in Luoyang, a city in eastern China. Unable to learn how he got there or where he came from, officers deposited him at a busy orphanage in town.

That was the story Julia Norris heard two years later, in June 2000,
when she visited the orphanage. That was still the story in April 2001,
when she returned to adopt the boy and bring him to America. And it
remained the story this spring as Christian Norris finished 10th grade
at Easton High School, where he plays lacrosse and has a crew of

Then, in late May came the e-mail that suddenly recast the narrative of
his young life. Christian had not been abandoned. No, he'd simply
gotten lost, the result of a tragic mistake. So said the boy's birth
parents. And now they very much wanted to meet the young man.

You can read the article here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. This story is scary because of the possibility of what’s happening to children. I also find the comments about the story interesting. Thanks for posting!

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