So many stories, not enough days to post them!

1.  Indian adoptee fights for end of human trafficking. Story is here.



Coworkers in Maine discover they are brothers, adopted out to separate families.

Seven years into his tenure as a furniture mover for a local bedding
retailer, Gary Nisbet was joined by a new colleague, Randy Joubert, who
looked so much like him that customers asked whether they were brothers.

"We thought they were just trying to razz us," Joubert said.

Turns out the customers were on to something. They really are
brothers — and the attention they got after finding each other also has
turned up a sister.

The two men were given up for adoption as babies about 35 years ago,
then attended rival high schools and even lived in neighboring towns on
the Maine coast before working together at Dow's Sleep Center in tiny
Waldoboro and uncovering their relationship.

"This kid could have been anywhere in the world, and here I am
riding in a Dow furniture truck with him," Joubert said in a telephone
interview Monday.

Amazing story, click here.

3. Targeted advertising to encourage African Americans to adopt from foster care, found through ColorLines. From RaceWire:

The ads were developed by the Advertising Council, which produces
public service announcements and AdoptUsKids, a non-profit which helps
connect foster children with adoptive families.
It marks the first time African-Americans have been targeted, according to project officials.
“There are a lot of negative images of African-Americans, especially
preadolescent and adolescent black boys,” said Kathy Ledesma, project
director of AdoptUsKids. “African-American children are removed from
their homes at higher rates than [other racial groups].

4. Female pastor convicted of abusing adopted children. From MSNBC, the article is here.

5. A baby-selling ring made up of doctors, nurses and welfare workers
has gone on trial in northern Vietnam accused of selling more than 250
children for adoption. Article here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

4 thoughts

  1. I cringe a bit at the term “given up for adoption.” It implies something negative about birth mothers who choose to place babies with adoptive families for whatever reason. Some may call them selfish, some call them unsupported victims, some may call them saints; I know a few birth mothers who placed are amazing women who have wonderful open adoptions – so I am biased a bit in my views) but if one is the type to group birth parents in one bucket, the term “give up baby” seems negative to me. Surely we can think of a more sensitive way to desribe the story. And it is a cool story.

  2. I agree, s. that term makes me cringe. I also cringed at this: “There’s nothing like family, especially when you don’t have one.” Ouch.
    I was glad to see how accepting the adoptive mother was of the son’s search and eventual discovery.

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