Adoptees of Color Roundtable

Position statement on Haiti

This statement reflects the position of an international community of
adoptees of color who wish to pose a critical intervention in the
discourse and actions affecting the child victims of the recent
earthquake in Haiti. We are domestic and international adoptees with
many years of research and both personal and professional experience in
adoption studies and activism. We are a community of scholars,
activists, professors, artists, lawyers, social workers and health care
workers who speak with the knowledge that North Americans and Europeans
are lining up to adopt the “orphaned children” of the Haitian
earthquake, and who feel compelled to voice our opinion about what it
means to be “saved” or “rescued” through adoption.

To read the rest, click here for the Adoptees of Color Roundtable blog

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

6 thoughts

  1. i read the article….but who wrote it?….there is no contact information….no nothing….could have been written by anybody….even a white guy who does not want to see black babies in america…..if i a missing something….please show me…thanks

  2. I can guarantee it was not written by “a white guy.” It was written by adult transracial and transnational adoptees. I know several of them personally.

  3. This type of statement is sorely needed right now. Thank you to this group for its attempt to intervene in the latest abuse of human rights of children. It is a crime of the greatest magnitude that we in the west bankrupt and violate the sovereignty of Haiti and, when they are weak and impoverished, take away their children. Yes, we in the US, Canada, Europe (esp. France) are directly responsible for the tragic state of Haiti. To me the adoption of Haitian children poses a huge ethical dilemma because of our direct complicity in the destitution of that country which has let to the “availability” of orphans for adoption. I do not believe that Haitians willingly relinquish their children but have to out of desperation wrought by what North American and European governments do to them. Now when foreign “aid” organizations and others are opening up the possibility of increased external control is a time to be particularly vigilant.

  4. thank you for validating the above statement…..but why is the blog so anonymous?…..for me as an AP who is beginning and trying to see the bigger picture in adoption the lack of information leaves the blog lacking credibility… this just the beginning of the blog…will they write more?…..

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