Adopt children and exploit them in a new online game

Thanks to Latoya from Jezebel (and Racialicious) for this one.

New internet game encourages children to make their characters wear sexy lingerie and buy 'trophy' orphans

Daily Mail Reporter


The adoption clinic in a virtual Style City features girls called
Pax and Maddox and a boy named Zahara after Angelina Jolie's children.

The virtual youngsters have the same nationalities as Jolie's with
Maddox, three, said to be Cambodian and a fan of eating cockroaches.

Similarly up for grabs are Vietnamese noodle-lover Pax, five, and
Ethiopian lad Zahara, four, whose favourite food is said to be guinea

The adoption centre also boasts a David Banda, four, and Mercy, five, of Malawi, clearly modelled on Madonna's adopted children.

And there is a Mongolian girl called Jamiyan – based on actor Ewan
McGregor's Mongolian four-year-old daughter – who is said to enjoy
eating rats.

In even worse taste, gamers can adopt children from earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Once they have paid the adoption fees, players style their new
children in over-the-top designer gear and can then try to sell image
rights for them to celebrity magazines.

They are challenged to outdo rival minxes by amassing ever more adoptive children to ‘make their family more fashionable’.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

5 thoughts

  1. You beat me to it by 40 minutes!
    What a scuzzy thing, eh? I’m sorry but the message of “condoms” and “orphans” for sale together has me scratching my head over what message the kids are left with. One can only imagine.

  2. That is just all types of wrong. Reminds me of the awful “adoption is the new black” t-shirt at urban outfitters. Humans are not fashion accessories.

  3. But isn’t outrage the point? It reminds me of the New Yorker column years ago that talked about things to take to the Hamptons for summer vacation and included “adopted chinese daughters.” There IS a funny (in a sick way) and political statement being made. It may or may not be accurate, but perhaps it is something to think about.

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