Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. I followed the link from Harlow’s Monkey to GIMH. What strikes me most about this post is the white racial framing. Racism as adoptive families are anticipated to experience it is by “encounter.”.
    I want to weep and rage! Segregation is not over. Race does matter very much. The very WHITE community does not look that way accidentally. The fact that your community is white is an daily encounter with racism. Your community does have culture, all communities do.
    GIMH, I appreciate that you want what is best for your adopted child, your whole family and yourself. I’m glad you are thinking and writing about adoption and race. This is a good.
    Now, it is time to start digging deeper. To learn more about your home state and community, I encourage you to read books by James Loewen. (He is also from Illinois.). I’m currently reading Sundown Towns. I recommend this book because learning about this hidden dimension of racism will make visible institutional racism, past and present. Here is a link
    There is a lot what white mothers like you and I can do about racism. First, we need to recognize our white racial frame. Then, we will see many opportunities to work for change.

  2. So many of us domestic adoptees are “raceless”. The ethnicities of our fathers were never investigated and much of the information placed on our “non-id’s” were blatant lies made up by creative writers in vital record’s departments all over the country.

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