My wish for the adoptee community in 2023

A book on a wooden table. The book is by Sandy White Hawk and the title is "A Child of the Indian Race: A Story of Return."

New year new reads, including this memoir by Sandy White Hawk. Sandy is a friend, mentor, inspirational leader, and activist. She brought me into the healing work she created for Native American adoptees. When she saw indigenous adoptees struggling with their connection to their tribes, she created her welcome home gatherings and ceremonies. And when she learned other adoptees of color had similar challenges she welcomed us to her gatherings with open arms.

My work and life have been greatly impacted by learning from indigenous and Black adoptees. I quickly learned our oppressions and experiences are connected and I would never be able to hope for or imagine adoptee justice for Korean adoptees without supporting Black and indigenous communities.

My wish for the adoptee community in 2023 – may we find ways to each other, for connection, for support, for yes – accountability when needed, and for liberation and justice for all adoptees. May we find and give support to each other in times of sorrow and grief, and celebrate each other’s triumphs.

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