“Going Home”

A new film in production by ThirdCat Productions.

From the website:

We learn a new love, a new laugh, and a new cry as we uncover
ourselves with age. We might feel that this comes from our growth
within- but we cannot deny that our surroundings and our culture plays
a part.

A Third Culture Kid lifestyle embodies the adaptation of doubly dynamic
surrounding cultures.

A Third Culture Kid grows up in an environment outside of their own
parent’s native background. They discover the cultures they are exposed
to, while not identifying with one in particular.

Their lifestyle touches upon facets of candid contradictions and
interesting dichotomies. Similarly, transracial adoptees are exposed
primarily to their adoptive parent’s culture and are unable to identify
with their own genetic culture.

The documentary will explore the story of Jason Hoffmann, a transracial
adoptee. Jason, an adoptee from South Korea, has been raised by a Jewish-American family in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

As a case study, Going Home will also explore the story of Mikyung
Kim, an Adult Third Culture Kid. Although Mikyung is Korean, she was
raised in Hong Kong where she attended a British elementary school, an
American school, and finally college in Boston.

Going Home will put the spotlight on the social implications of
discovering one’s own roots. Jason will immerse himself in the South
Korean lifestyle and as he searches for his birth parents, we will see
him journey into a new world physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For more on ThirdCat Productions on the YouTube page click here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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